Valerie "Abuela" Marquez is the grandmother of Dora, Guillermo, Isabella, Alicia, Daisy and Diego. She is the mother of Miguel and Nico and the mother-in-law of Elena and Melanie. She was voiced by Socorro Santiago until Season 5, and currently by K.J. Sanchez.



Abuela is a kind and caring grandmother. She is really good at cooking chocolate cake. She would often give Dora gifts. For example, she gave her a star pocket in one episode.


Abuela has gray hair, has peach skin and wears a yellow dress. Her eyes are brown with black pupils and is seen wearing pink slippers. Her natural hair color is brown.


Abuela is a recurring character and has appeared in some episodes of Dora the Explorer. Her first appearance was "Grandma's House".


  • In Dora and Friends: Into the City!, Abuela is shown to have moved from the Rainforest to the city of Playa Verde.
  • Abuéla is the spanish word for grandmother.