Valerie "Abuela" Marquez is the lovely grandmother of Dora, Guillermo, Isabella, Alicia, Daisy and Diego. She is the mother of Miguel and Nico and the mother-in-law of Elena and Melanie. She was voiced by Socorro Santiago until Season 5, and currently by K.J. Sanchez. She is 74 years old and was born in 1926.



Abuela is a kind and caring grandmother. She is really good at cooking chocolate cake. She would often give Dora gifts. For example, she gave her a star pocket in one episode.


Abuela has gray hair, has peach skin and wears a yellow dress. Her eyes are brown with black pupils and is seen wearing pink slippers. Her natural hair color is brown.


Abuela is a recurring character and has appeared in some episodes of Dora the Explorer. Her first appearance was "Grandma's House".


  • In Dora and Friends: Into the City!, Abuela is shown to have moved from the Rainforest to the city of Playa Verde.
  • Abuéla is the spanish word for grandmother.


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