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Treasure Island
Airdate Tuesday, August 22, 2000
Season 1
Episode 7
Previous Choo-Choo
Next Three Little Piggies

Treasure Island is the 7th episode of Dora the Explorer from season 1.

Characters Present


Dora and Boots search for the pirate pigs' treasure.


Dora and Boots are on the hunt for the pirate pigs' treasure chest which is full of gold, chocolate cupcakes with pink frosting, and stickers. The map tells them that they have to go through the Lookout Tree, then across the Crocodile Lake, and then they should find Treasure Island. First, they go to the Lookout Tree and find the key. Then they have to go across Crocodile Lake on a pirate ship. But the Crocodile Lake is infested with crocodiles! Dora and Boots have to sing "Grande, grande, grande" to the crocodiles so that they won't attack their ship. Then the crocodiles swim towards the ship. Even though Dora and Boots are scared, they manage to sing to the crocodiles anyway. Then the crocodiles start to sing "Grande, grande, grande", too. Then the ship heads for Treasure Island. Dora and Boots got out the blue key from Backpack. Then, they raced up to the top to meet up with Pirate Pig and his pirate piggy crew. They had to be careful with the blue key because Swiper could swipe it. Suddenly, they see Swiper in a purple cape and he swipes the key and hides it. But, they were able to find the blue key. Once they got back, they had to go to the treasure chest. Pirate Pig buried the chest under a yellow rock. But to get there, they had to hop on the 8 red rocks and then on 8 yellow rocks. After that, Pirate Pig lifts up the yellow rock and they find an "X". The treasure chest is buried deep. They have to dig to get it out. And so they did. Inside the treasure chest was gold and lots of other kinds of treasures. And that was the day Dora and Boots went to Treasure Island and found the treasure chest with Pirate Pig and his pirate piggy crew.

Places in episode

  1. Look Out Tree
  2. Crocodile Lake
  3. Treasure Island


  • This episode marks the first appearance of the pirate pigs.
  • This episode also marks the first appearance for Pirate Parrot.
  • This is the 7th episode of the show.


Character Find

Baby Blue Bird

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