The Travel Song is the song Dora and Boots sing when proceeding to their next location. They sing out the places they need to go, then ask each other where they're going. The fiesta trio and other friends also join in. At the end, Dora and Boots spin around and sing out their destination one final time before walking offscreen.


Come on, say it with us!
(places to go) (4x, sometimes 2x)

Come on, vamanos
Everybody, let's go
Come on, let's get to it
I know that we can do it

Where are we going? (clap 3x)
Where are we going? (clap 3x)
Where are we going? (clap 3x)
Where are we going? (clap 3x)

(giggle) (destination)!


  • Variations of this song have been heard sometimes. The episodes "Dora Had a Little Lamb", "Star Mountain" and "Dora's Big Birthday Adventure" give examples.
  • In early episodes, Dora and Boots sing out the places at warp speed, but in later episodes, they sing out the places at normal speed.
  • Beginning in season 2, after each "Where are we going?" line, the singers clap three times.
  • Some of the season 3 episodes used this song.
  • In the episode "¡Por Favor!", Dora and Boots explain what they are doing and don't say out the places.
  • In the episode "Louder", the question was "what are we gonna do?" and the answer was "Cock-a-doodle-do".
  • In Super Spies and Super Spies 2: The Swiping Machine, The synthesizer version is used.
  • In "Super Silly Fiesta", Dora and Boots sing out words that rhyme with go. They were snow and row and those weren't the right words.
  • In Dora's First Trip, Dora takes her turn saying out the places and then Boots repeats after what Dora said. Then, they say out the places in unison. And then, various instruments get added until it was turned into a song. And just as Dora and Boots asked each other where they were going, they clap 3 times and stomp their feet 3 times and then say out their destination.
  • Sometimes, Dora and Boots would ask a different question on certain episodes like "What do we need?" from Sticky Tape or "What are we making?" from El Dia De Las Madres.
  • There are other times where the characters would ask the same usual question but instead of answering the main place they have to go to, they say what they're doing like "catch the babies" and "around the world".
  • On some episodes, Dora would ask the same question in Spanish. For example: "¿Adonde vamos?" means "Where are we going?" and "¿Como se dicen?" means "What do we say?".