Puppy Princess Rescue
Airdate May 15, 2015
Season 1
Episode 14
Previous Magical Mermaid Adventure
Next We Save the Music

Puppy Princess Rescue is the 14th episode of Dora and Friends in season 1.

Characters present


Dora and her friends are in the park training their newly adopted puppies. Kate was having a hard time training Roja. After Roja runs off, Dora decides to use her Magic Camera (from Doggie Day!) in order to understand Roja who informs them that the Puppy Princess has been kidnapped by the Cranky Cats, so Dora, Kate, Perrito, and Roja travel to Doggieland where all dogs and puppy's can speak (including Perrito and Roja) to save the Princess.


  • This is the first double length episode of the series.
  • Each of the 6 puppies has a connection to one of the main characters on the show.
  • This is an episode that will teach people how to handle conflicts without fighting or hating someone which is called peer mediation.


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