Pirate Costumes (Reprise) is the tune from Dora's Pirate Adventure. In this song, Dora's friends sing out the lyrics.


I've got my pirate hat, I look so neat
(Benny's got his pirate hat, he looks so neat)
I've got my pirate boots to wear on my feet
(Boots has pirate boots to wear on his feet)
Para mi, un parche de ojo es lo que hay
(Tico has his pirate patch to wear on his eye)
I got a telescope for pirate I-spy
(Isa has her telescope for pirate I-spy)
And I just love my shiny pirate hook
(Diego loves his shiny pirate hook)
Baby Jaguar has the pirate flag, let's look
(Meows) Yes, I do

All of us have pirate stuff to wear to today
We can't wait, it's gonna be great
I still wish I ate

Because we're all gonna be in the pirate play
Yes, we're all gonna be in the big pirate play!

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