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Pepe the Pig's School Adventure

Dora Poznaje Świat Polski Dora Mała Podróżniczka Po Polsku Przygoda Józia W Szkole.mp4 000016920

Season 6, Episode 10
September 9, 2011
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Pepe the Pig's School Adventure is the 10th episode of Dora the Explorer from season 6.

Characters present


There's a new kid at Dora's school. The new kid is a pig named Pepe. Dora helps Pepe fit in with the classmates and help him win a popcorn party for the class.



  • This is another appearance of Yuki, Dora's friend from Japan. She is one of Dora's classmates.
  • Camilla, Luis, and Pablo are also Dora's classmates.
  • Map, Backpack & Swiper don't appear on this episode.
  • Boots' mom teaches an story class.
  • This episode premiered on DVD titled Nickelodeon Let's Learn 123s.
  • This is the 131st episode of the show.


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