Naiya-dora-and-friends-into-the-city-nickelodeon-asia-nick-jr-junior-the-explorer press-4
Name Naiya
Species Human
Gender Female
Occupation TBA
Interests Ancient History, Gardening
Dislikes N/A
First Appearance Our First Concert
Last Appearance N/A
Friends Dora, Emma, Kate, Alana, Pablo, Isa
Relatives TBA
Enemies Garden Land Trolls (formerly)
Voiced By Alexandria Suarez

Naiya is a member of Explorer Girls who knows all about pyramids and stuff underground. She is voiced by Alexandria Suarez.


Naiya wears a white dress shirt that has pink on the ends of the sleeves and where the head is located. There are green and pink stripes located on the chest. There are yellow diamonds with a thick green stripe and yellow and pink thin stripes on the bottom. Her shorts are blue and wears pink shoes. Her hair is black and wears a red hair ribbon. She has brown eyes and peach skin. She wears a bracelet that's green with different colored diamonds of purple, yellow and red for instance.


Naiya is smart, confident and very beautiful. She knows all about the ancient history in Playa Verde. She knows all about pyramids and how lots of them of booby traps and says that there's always a way out. Her hobby is gardening.



  • Naiya is currently voiced by Alexandria Suarez who did the voice of Backpack from "Dora the Explorer".
  • In Community Garden, Naiya is revealed to be a great gardener and that the recipe for La receta especial (a flower growing potion) has been passed down in her family. She is also revealed to have grown the city's Community Garden with the help of her friends.
  • In Dora's Rainforest Reunion, Naiya sends some of her La receta especial to Isa as a gift.
  • Naiya's puppy is named Digger.


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