{{Infobox |name = Emma |image =

Emmas |imagewidth = 300 |gender = Female |species = Human |occupation = Musician |interests = Music |dislikes = N/A |voiced by = Karen Scarboyoo (Dora the Explorer)
Kayta Thomas (Dora & Friends) |relatives = TBA |friends = Dora, Alana, Naiya, Kate, Pablo |enemies = N/A |first = School Science Fair (Dora the Explorer) |last = TBA}}Emma is a lovely explorer girl who loves music. She made her first appearance in the episode School Science Fair for the TV show Dora the Explorer.


Emma teamed up with Dora to make a homemade volcano to take to the science fair at school.


  • Emma has dark skin, brown eyes, long curly brown hair, and black eyebrows. She is very beautiful.
  • In Dora and Friends: Into the City, She wore the same shirt, a pink skirt, pink shoes, pink earrings, and had a music note necklace.
  • In Dora the Explorer, She wore a short-sleeved yellow shirt, a purple skirt, a blue ribbon tied into a bow in her hair at the back, and had a cyan backpack.



  • Emma was voiced by Karen Scarboyoo on Dora the Explorer.
  • Emma is now currently voiced by Kayta Thomas on Dora and Friends:Into the City!.
  • Emma is into music and can play the violin.
  • Emma's puppy is named Lala.


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