Egg Hunt
Release Date March 2, 2004
Type VHS tape and DVD
Episodes Featured Egg Hunt
El Dia De Las Madres
Dora, La Músico (DVD)
Pablo's Flute (DVD)
Previous Video Pirate Adventure
Next Video Super Silly Fiesta!

Egg Hunt is a Dora the Explorer VHS tape featuring episodes from its 2nd season. The DVD release also features the same episodes from its 2nd season with 2 bonus episodes from its 2nd and 1st seasons.

Episodes Featured

Opening Previews

  1. Nick Jr. Celebrate's VHS and DVD's
  2. Dora's Pirate Adventure VHS and DVD Trailer
  3. The Adventure's of Jimmy Neutron VHS and DVD Trailer
  4. Peanut's Home Video's and DVD's
  5. Charlotte's Web 2 Wilbur's Great Adventure VHS and DVD
  6. Paramount Feature Presentation/Warning Screen
  7. Paramount Logo
  8. Egg Hunt
  9. El Dia De Las Madres

Closing Previews

  1. End Credits of Egg Hunt
  2. End Credits of El Dia De Las Madres
  3. Nick Jr. Productions
  4. Nick Jr. Monkeys Logo
  5. Nickelodeon Haypile Logo
  6. Paramount Logo


  • It released on March 2, 2004.
  • This is the only video that has the second episode title appear at the beginning of the character find segment before the second episode starts.


  • 04


  • March 21st, 2004

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