Season 1-2 intro


Season 3-4 intro

Dora Season 5 Opening

Season 5-6 intro


Season 7-8 intro

Dora the Explorer had some opening sequences to start the show.

Season 1 & 2

The opening sequence starts with 2 doors that open on their own. The video camera enters a room where there's a red and yellow ball and then it zooms up to a green computer. Everything in the room is live-action. Dora & Boots walk up to a bridge and then they worry that they'll fall but then they smile after going across. Dora & Boots come out of a tunnel and ride in a boat and they had to wear life jackets. Next, they jump over a log that falls on the path. Benny, Isa and Tico repeat the same sequence that Dora & Boots did. Then Dora & Boots cross the bridge again and then Swiper squats down, stands up straight and runs across the bridge. After Tico jumps over the log, Dora & Boots come out of the tunnel and Benny stops by the bridge, they stop Swiper. The title zooms in and Dora waves. The word "the" disappears on the blue cursor and then it clicks on Dora to start the show. This has a military version of the Dora The Explorer Theme Song. Tuba and piano music are heard to make it more interesting.

Opening Sequence

Season 3 & 4

The opening sequence starts with several stars that fly in the sky. Dora leaves her house and runs on a path. Boots swings on a vine and Dora joins in. They see their friends in different areas. They see Diego swinging on another vine. Dora & Boots jump into Tico's car and put on their seatbelts. Diego catches Baby Jaguar. Dora & Boots catch stars, slide down a red spiral slide. 4 stars pop out of the star pocket. Dora, Boots and Diego water ski. Swiper approaches Dora & Boots and they stop Swiper. The show's title appears on a white background. Dora & Boots appear together. The word "the" remains in place on the blue cursor as it clicks on Dora. This version has more of a calypso version of the song. Electric bass, guitar, flute, and horns are heard.

Opening Sequence

Season 5 & 6

Same opening sequence from Seasons 3 & 4 except that it has a rainbow appearing. It features Dora performing a soccer kick with or without the in-coming soccer ball, Dora, Boots & friends riding on flying horses as flipped, Dora & Boots sliding down a spiral slide, Dora looking over her shoulder to show Backpack & Map and where Dora, Boots and Diego are water skiing. Sometimes the Nick Jr. logo is removed from the show's title. Same music as seasons 3-4.

Opening Sequence

Season 7 & 8

The opening sequence had the lyrics change a little. Grumpy Old Troll is in the introduction of the show. It's the first season to be broadcasted in High Definition. At the end of the introduction, a blue cursor doesn't click on Dora to start the show. This version has a jazz-pop version of the song. The music has electric guitar and bass guitar. The song also starts with the same beat as the original version.

Opening Sequence

Specials that did not use the "Dora the Explorer" Theme Song