Dora the Explorer had some special closing sequences.

Season 1-4

At the end of the episode for all of season 1 & season 2, 3 episodes from season 3 and 19 episodes from season 4, the viewer had to find a specific character while the closing credits occurred. The character gets found every time before the credit roll was finished. 28 of the episodes from seasons 3 & 4 had the viewer learn about an explorer star's ability. Example: Helping Glowy find her star friends in the dark or figuring out what Noisy Star was warning the viewer about.

Season 5-6

A simple closing credit sequence that had the instrumental tune of the show's theme song from season 3 & 4. When the closing sequence starts, it had Dora & Boots on 4 different corners of the screen from the episodes seen from seasons 1-4.

Season 7-8

Same as Season 5 & 6 except it's in High Definition and the 4 pictures is not from Seasons 1-4. The 4 pictures is from season 5 & season 6. The instrumental theme was in use for HD episodes. For the 1st 2 episodes of season 7, it was still using the instrumental theme song from seasons 3-6.