Dora in Troll Land
Airdate July 1, 2011
Season 6
Episode 9
Previous ¡Vacaciones!
Next Pepe the Pig's School Adventure

Dora in Troll Land is the 9th episode of Dora the Explorer from season 6.

Characters present


Dora enters a magical place called Troll Land.




  • Giant Cereal Bowl
  • Toll
  • Pole
  • Soccer Goal
  • Hole


  • When the viewer was asked to check Backpack, there was nothing but coins.
  • This episode had the viewer rhyme their words.
  • This episode contained 5 places for Dora and Boots to pass.
  • "Patea el balón" was Spanish for "kick the ball".
  • The Fiesta Trio played their fanfare 4 times on a half-hour episode.
  • This is the 130th episode of the show.
  • This is the first episode to have 5 places for Dora and Boots to pass.
  • This is the first episode to have starting Dora, Boots and all her friends at the troll bridge.
  • The Grumpy Old Troll Song is heard in the travel song in this episode


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