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Dora's Knighthood Adventure

Dora's Knighthood Adventure

Season 6, Episode 19
February 3, 2012
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Dora's Knighthood's Adventure is the 19th episode of Dora the Explorer from season 6.

Characters present


Lady Knight Dora and Squire Boots embark on a noble quest to help Rocinante the horse and Dapple the donkey rescue a princess, whose cat is stuck in a tree. Yet at each landmark they go to, Rocinante and Dapple jump to conclusions and causes problems.



  • This episode was supposed to take place after Dora's Royal Rescue, but instead they got aired out of order.
  • This is the last episode of season 6 and for the show to be in Standard Definition TV.
  • This is the 140th episode of the show.

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