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Dora's First Trip
Airdate April 7, 2006
Season 4
Episode 20
Previous Save Diego
Next Baby Jaguar's Roar

Dora's First Trip is 20th episode of Dora the Explorer from season 4.

Characters present


Dora recalls her first trip, the time when she met Boots, and when they had their first adventure together. They helped the Fiesta Trio get their instruments back so they can perform for a queen bee.



Places in episode

  1. Nutty Forest
  2. Big River
  3. Tallest Mountain



  • Boots already knew Tico despite the fact that he doesn't speak English like he does.
  • Dora met her friends in this order: Boots, Swiper, Fiesta Trio, Tico, Isa and Benny.
  • Tico can turn his car into a boat and into an airplane.
  • This is the 96th episode of the show.
  • Dora's voice is usually high-pitched even though her giggle was low-pitched after the Fiesta Trio played the extended fanfare.
  • Backpack and Map don't appear in this episode in Dora's story but did appear at the end.
  • This was the first flashback episode in which Dora meets her friends for the first time. The 2nd flashback episode would be Backpack in which Dora gets her very own purple backpack and a map.


Character Find


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