(Ballet music playing)
Dora: Hola, Soy Dora. Today is a really special day for my dance class. We're going to have a big dance show for all our friends and families. Do you like to dance?
Dora: I love to dance, and I get to start our show today.
Dora : Look, there's my family! Ooh, I really want them to see my dance.
Boots: Dora, Dora! Are you ready to start the show? Are you ready? Are you ready?
Dora: (giggling) Almost Boots. We're just waiting for the delivery truck to come, and bring us our dance slippers. We can't start the show without our dance slippers
(music playing)
Both: The Delivery Duck!
Delivery Duck: Delivery from the dance school.
Dora: Ay no!
Dora: Are these dance slippers?
Dora: No, these are scooba flippers.

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