Dora the Explorer: Click and Create! is a software for the PC. It was released in the UK in 2005 (? Possibly a little earlier.). There is no word on when it will be released in the US.

The game

This software has many options which you can choose.

Watch Episode

Click a TV to watch an episode that gave the disc its name. Somewhere in the episode, a star will pop up, and you need to click it to play a game.


Click a TV with a "Q" to play a quiz.


Some Explorer Stars can make you play games.

  • The Yellow Star lets you play an art-related game.
  • The Green Star lets you play a music-related game.
  • The Pink Star lets you play a game, which randomly changes each disc.

Series 1

1: The Big Red Chicken
2: At the Beach
3: Racing Around
4: The Little Tree Frog
5: Super Babies!
6: A Letter for Swiper
7: Doctor Dora
8:Boots to the Rescue
9:To the South Pole
10:Treasure Island
11:A Fish Out of Water!
12:On the Farm!
13:Silly Seasons
14:The Bugga Bugga Bugs
15: Swiper the Explorer
16:To the Rescue

Series 2

17: The Magic Flute 18:The Big Red Chicken!

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