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Character Find is a game that apears at the end of Dora the Explorer episodes from seasons 1 to 4. In the game, a character on the television series hides behind an object, (most often Boots, Swiper, Isa, Tico or Benny) but sometimes another character like Map, Backpack, Grumpy Old Troll, Azul and Baby Blue-bird. A blue arrow on the screen will try to find the character. While the game is played the shows credits are shown.


  • The first episode to show the character find was The Legend of the Big Red Chicken.
  • The last episode to show the character find was Dora Saves the Mermaids.
  • Dora has never been the one to be chosen for the character find, as well as Backpack.
  • Some of the character find backgrounds give away the pilot backgrounds.

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