Name Celia
Species Human
Gender Female
Occupation {{{occupation}}}
Interests Dancing
Dislikes {{{dislikes}}}
First Appearance Dance Party
Last Appearance Dance Party
Friends Dora, Alana, Pablo
Relatives Celia's Dad (mayor of Baila)
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Voiced By Jamie Cantone

Celia is a human character first introduced in the episode "Dance Party". She lives in a town called "Baila" where everyone dances.


One time, Celia needed help. So, Dora, Pablo and Alana assist her. Celia tells them that the people in Baila aren't allowed to dance. It all started when Celia stubbed her toe when she was learning how to dance for the first time. So, the group help out Celia and tried to convince her dad who is mayor of Baila that dancing can be fun and safe.