Caliente is a song meaning "hot" in Spanish. The song was heard in Dora's Fairytale Adventure and is about Dora trying to turn Winter into Spring.


In winter, ay, mio
I have to keep it frio
I've frozen the rio
I love it when it's frio

If you want to bring spring
Then you got to sing "Caliente"
Come on everyone, let's help out the sun

Caliente (8x)

Wow! It's working!

What's happening, ay mio
Are those flowers by the rio
Is Spring here already
Our heads are getting sweaty

Let's sing it some more like we did before
Caliente, Caliente
We're helping the sun & isn't it fun
Caliente, Caliente

Caliente (8x)

Wow! It's really working now!

I'm outta here!
Me too!
Me three!
How does that girl do it?!

Spring is here!