Name Allie
Species Human
Gender Female
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First Appearance Dora Saves the Crystal Kingdom
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Friends Dora & Boots
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Voiced By Sabrina Jiang

Allie is a minor character who lives in Crystal Kingdom.


Allie met Dora and Boots when she saw a crystal shining light into the storybook. She comes out of the book. Soon after, Allie realized that the crystal Dora had around her neck wasn't one of her crystals and Allie was in desperate need of help. The crystal kingdom has lost its color because the greedy king hid 3 crystals in 3 different stories and kept the red crystal very closely to his side. So, Dora and Boots accepted the request to help Allie search for the 4 crystals in 4 different stories. Along the way, Dora, Boots & Allie teach the greedy king that it's important to share. And that's how Dora & Boots met Allie.

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